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Ας είναι καλά ο φίλος μου ο Σάκις Π. που μου έστειλε το link! Πολλά δυνατό online περιοδικό για το ψάρεμα με μύγα, με πάρα πολλύ υλικό για διάβασμα αλλά και απίστευτες φωτογραφίες και βίντεο!

Useful Information About Catch Magazine

Frequency - We publish our magazine the first day of every odd numbered month. For those of you that are calendar challenged, that means January, March, May etc.
Magazine Size - Catch Magazine was designed for larger monitors and laptops. High-speed internet connections will help speed up video load times. Don't try Catch Magazine with dial-up!
Getting Around - Click on the double arrows, at the bottom right and bottom left, to turn pages forward or backwards.
Back Issues - Have some free time? Please look at our back issues. Near the front of each issue are back issue thumbnails you can click on to go directly to the corresponding issue.
Catch Magazine is free. We do sell our high-resolution cover shots for $5 if you would like to make a print or use it as your desktop or screen saver. Click on the 5$ Cover Shot links on the back issues page and Paypal will take your contribution and you'll instantly receive a digital file.
Captions - On many photos there is a small white bubble with an "i" inside it. That symbol is for information. Putting your curser over the "i" will bring up the caption and photo credit for that photo. Pretty cool!!
Subscription Contest - In every issue we have a subscription contest. You are automatically entered when you subscribe. We have given away trips to Chile and Montana (sorry no airfare, just great lodging, guides and fishing), plus fly rods, fly lines, art work, etc.
Slide Show - In every issue we have an amazing slide show. When you get to that page, just sit back and relax.
Videos - Our award-winning videos are a favorite part of the Catch Magazine experience. On the video pages you will see a blinking motion picture camera - click it and the video will start to load. Because we use high definition equipment, load times will vary - be patient, it is worth the wait!
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